Movie Music Magic

I love music and I also love movies and television shows. That’s why I freaking love it when they have music scenes in movies or TV!! So I have decided to list 5 of my favorite music scenes in movies or TV. Now before everyone gets on my back about them, these are my favorite, not the best songs, the best acting, the best dancing, but the scenes that make me either sing along, get irrationally happy or get up and dance.

In no particular order, here we go!

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

Ahh Ferris, the fun loving, cheeky troublemaker who finds the line and not only crosses it, he picks it up and plays jump rope with it. This scene encapsulates the essence of the movie. Ferris does what he wants, when he wants and everyone seems to love it.  At the start of the scene, Cameron’s anxiety about college, Sloane is being the ever perfect balance of friend and amazingly stunning, out of this world babe, while Ferris crashes a street parade… I mean, this sums up the movie. I love this film, I love this scene and I LOVE SLOAN.. Plus, Twist and Shout is a great song!

Robin Hood- Men in Tights

What can you say about this half piss take, half re-make of a classic childhood story? In one of the first movies I ever remember watching, I can nearly recite it line for line. But this is my favorite scene, by far. Unfortunately in this clip you miss the start, but when they are complaining, “only a man could wear tights” it has to be one of the most subtly funny moments in the film. Plus the added bonus of having Blinkin front row, punching this and messing up that.. comedic gold Mel Brooks, comedic gold.

Shawshank Redemption

From my favorite movie comes on of the more surreal music scenes to me. When Andy locks the guard in the bathroom and escapes (in his mind) off with Mozart to a world where he was free, as Red describes, makes your heart melt. For Andy, it was these moments that kept him sane, making the library, doing the taxes, just things regular Joe’s took for granted, but without them the ending could have been a whole lot different. You can see the peace in his eyes when he lays back in the chair, just free to be in his own world for once.

The Replacements

This clip has it all, a bar fight, followed by a jail scene and ending with a dance along. After a punch up with the overpaid pretty boy, strike players, the replacements are sent to jail and it serves as the turning point for the team, a bonding as you will. After a good beating, some laughs and an unexpected dance off, the team rallies to make the playoffs. What I truly love about this scene is when you see coach McGinty come down the stairs the players scatter like tenpins, apart from Franklin and Murphy (who is of course deaf), hilarious.


In typical Community fashion, season 3 kicks off with a parody song, taking the absolute mickey out of shows like Glee and High School Musical. The comically choreographed routine and lyrics show the world, ex-high powered lawyer, Jeff would love to live in.. Until he is woken up from his daydream and snaps back to reality. What’s better than one show taking the piss out of another show? Nothing, nothing at all.

There we have it, my top 5. Want to add some? Let me know in the comments!