Blazers, Polos and Strawberries and Cream

Time to bust out the strawberries and cream with your suave blazer and head to one of the most prestigious sporting events on the calendar, Wimbledon!roger_federer_of_switzerland_arrives_for_his_first_4591499564

The history and class of Wimbledon is second to none and is one event I need to attend before I kick the bucket. The lush green grass, perfectly manicured courts, immaculate garden arrangements and of course the players step-up their fashion game to the point they could all be straight off the catwalk in Milan, hell even Pippa Middleton was there.

The player, who most embodies what Wimbledon is truly about, is Mr Class himself, Roger Federer. It’s all pristine white polos and blazers for Roger. He loves the history, loves the esteem and loves winning (7 freaking times!!!)

Last night (Australian time) saw the first serves being hit, with plenty of no-names playing in matches trying to make a name for themselves. And for one lowly ranked, unheard of Belgian it was a night to remember.

The 135th ranked player in the world, Steve Darcis (who?)  KO’d superstar Rafa Nadal in straight sets.  Rafa, fresh off another French Open win, losing in the first round? Whaaat? It happened, and to some guy I have never heard of. After the match Nadal refused to blame his bung knee, but we all know that he isn’t losing to this chump if he was healthy, which begs the question- Is Rafa done?

Now his power play style would have taken a huge toll on his body over the years, not just his knees, but he is a warrior and he won’t die. I would put good money (haha you know, if I had any money) to make at least the quarters in the US.

Another warrior of the sport, our boy Ley Ley AGAIN went against the odds to beat seeded Stani Wawrinka in 3 sets. While watching the pregame with my housemate last night, he asked who Ley was playing, I said “Wawrinka, he’s top 20 I think, should wipe the floor with Hew”, to which he replied “so Lleyton will win then?”. And whaaadya know, the Aussie dug deep to dismiss the doubters (I know you enjoyed that).

He has faced calls for him to retire for probably 5-6 years now and he loves to stick it right back at us. I say as long as he remains competitive and is enjoying the grind that playing on the tour presents, keep playing! If that’s till next week or till he’s 40, who cares? A lot of people love to hate him, but I think there is not a lot better than watching him knock a seed of their perch with his grizzly, grinding out rallies. Good on ya cobber! (NB- never saying cobber again).

As for the womens side of the draw, I am more interested in the feud between Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. I have no idea why they don’t like each other, but I am all in on this and would love to see a final showdown between the two, starting with shots fired at each other in the press and ending in both having to be held back from attacking each other by their partners. Oh the drama!

Anyway, my tips for the tournament:

  • Lleyton to make the 3rd round
  • Roger to come out to his quarter final match in a Tux..
  • Andy Murray to win (and subsequently use his prize money to fix his teeth)
  • Two 100-and-thirty-something seeds playing a match that goes for 4 hours and no one caring.
  • Sam Stosur is bomb out… again
  • At least one story about an Aussie getting in a fight with a Brit in the crowd.
  • Pippa Middleton to marry some unknown blogger from Adelaide……

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