Who wants to be an idiot?

The past week in AFL has been a rollercoaster ride for fans, players, members of the media and even club officials. Nearing the end of Friday nights opening match of the much-celebrated Indigenous Round, celebrating the huge contribution Indigenous players have made to our nations game, Sydney Swans star, Adam Goodes was racially vilified by a young, immature 13-year-old fan.

As the game was a blow out at that stage, I had started watching the latest episode of Parks and Recreation. Checking my twitter feed I saw some unusual tweets talking about the game and namely Goodes and a spectator. My first thought was “you cannot be serious, in this round?” mixed with “kick this idiot out of the stadium and ban them for life”.  Flicking back onto the footy and reading reports on the net, the nation and myself were shocked to find the offender was so young.

My attitude then changed, this girl probably had no idea the ramifications of making such a comment, which therein lays the problem. The girl is a product of an environment created by years of casual/inadvertent racism.

Saturday morning Goodes gave one of the most professional and intelligent press conferences I have seen. He spoke of educating the fan and other young children, he took the blame off her and dug deep to share the pain he felt when he heard the comment.

Just as it seemed the issue was dying down, another video surfaced of a Collingwood fan screaming at the umpires to give various Indigenous Swans players free kicks due to the color of their skin…. Disgraceful, I was so disturbed by viewing the video I took a few minutes to reflect. What exactly run through these people’s minds? Did they think it was clever?  Or even worse, true? How are these attitudes formed?

While a blanket statement that Australia is a racist country is totally inaccurate, (racism happens all over the world regardless of which country you are in), it still happens too often.


After Friday night’s incident, President of the Collingwood Football Club and media personality Eddie McGuire personally sought out Goodes to apologize and aim to rectify the situation. Even the most loyal haters of Mcguire could see the class shown in the tough and sticky situation that he faced. He attacked the issue head on and should be applauded for how he handled himself and represented his football club.

After the writing the above 68 words, it pains me to say he blew all the work he did Friday night and then some, out of the water with a few STUPID comments on his radio program with Luke Darcy. McGuire suggested Goodes could be used to promote he musical ‘King Kong’. Here is the transcript:

McGuire: “Get Adam Goodes down for it do you reckon?”

Darcy: “No I wouldn’t have thought so, absolutely not.”

McGuire: “You can see them doing that can’t you?”

Darcy: “Who?”

McGuire: “Goodsey.”

Darcy: “What’s that?”

McGuire: “You know with the ape thing, the whole thing, I’m just saying the pumping him up and mucking around and all that sort of stuff.”

Just reading that makes me shake my head. He has since come out and issued an apology.

“I’m happy to stand here in front of everybody, in front of the country, and say we do not stand for racial vilification. I let myself down because I had a slip of the tongue.” He said in a press conference.

Now I do not for one second think that Eddie is a racist and that his slip of the tongue was a dumb mistake.Every human on this earth is entitled to make mistakes, its what helps you grow as a person and helps us grow as a society- As long as you learn from it.

But for a highly educated, media savvy, strong minded man like McGuire to have such a ginormous meltdown, in the one forum he has total control over his words, it unacceptable.

Pies player Harry O’Brien had this to say about his Presidents huge mistake. His comments come from the heart and the head. Something needs to be done.

This casual and accidental racism is prevalent in society and needs to be stamped out through education and enough people having the balls to stand up to someone when they make a flippant remark.

I cringe every time I hear the words “I’m not racist, but……”. For one, it is generally followed up by a ridiculously offensive statement.And two, if you aren’t racist, why must you tell everyone that? Couldn’t you let you actions and attitude do the talking? I often feel like doing this.


AFL and sport in general, have such a large influence in Australian society, and the recent incidents could possibly help bring light to the issues faced, educate others and take a step in the right direction.

20 years ago, St Kilda star and Indigenous player, Nicky Winmar stood up to the crowd one Saturday after at Victoria Park, striking the now famous pose, pulling up his guernsey and pointing to the color of his skin. The image (Left) is now etched in Australian sporting folklore. In 20 years, we could possibly be saying the same out this iconic Goodes photo too….

Pics-http://zerotheabsolute.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/racism.jpg,  www.heraldsun.com.au


Daft Punk’s Discopalooza..

ImageWee Waa, New South Wales- Population 2000, AKA the ‘ Cotton Capital of Australia’….. and for the past week, the world dance music mecca. Wait what? That doesn’t sound right?

Alas, as most things French DJ duo, Daft Punk do, it sounds perfect. Wee Waa recently held the album launch of the much-awaited new album ‘Random Access Memories’.

The seedy Frenchmen (I’m sorry to portray stereotypes, but I hate Frenchmen for some reason. Possibly this Tony Parker advert) announced that the sleepy town in little old Australia would be the home to its release of an album four years in the making. A little odd, right? But that’s the way they do it and that’s they way we love it.

The annual Wee Waa Farm Show this year slashed as a dance party with nearly 2000 people attending the opening and for one night, doubling the population of Wee Waa!!!

One conversation that all music lovers would have had at some stage, who is the one band/DJ/act you need to see? For me, that has always been Daft Punk. There is something about their music, stage presence and fun party atmosphere they convey, that I feel I NEED to see.

Now I am the first to admit, I am most likely not their biggest fan, know all their songs or even like all their songs, but seeing an act live is more than just about music. So chances are if DP are ever in AUS, you will see me in the middle of the dance floor making a fool of myself but having the time of my life.

Onto the album itself though, and as usual it has its lovers and its haters. The album features many collaborations, most notably the ageless Pharrell, combing with the Frenchies on hit singles ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’. The distinct disco feel, mixed with modern electronic noise, make you feel stuck in a time warp between 80s London and late noughties club nights.

After RAM was released, a quick look on my Twitter timeline (shameless plug, what of it?) saw a few complaints about the album. Many twits claimed t was boring, slower or ‘had no bangers’. Well as my resident hipster friend, Daviid, pointed out to me, the album was never going to be Discovery mk 2. From the time the duo announced that music supremeo, Nile Rodgers, was co-producing, everyone with an ear (you know, for listening) should have known RAM wasn’t going to be your average electro discography.

One thing that may have caught your average, electro loving, wannabe-hipster-but-also-mainstream club going young adult is the distinct theme of romance spread through RAM. But can you blame Thomas and Guy-Manuel, I mean they are nearly 40!! Priorities change, but sheesh they did it well.



Things I rated:

  • The disco theme- I mean, who doesn’t love to move their hips to some disco? I thought Pharrell was a perfect wingman to fly with the Daft Punk boys backto the 80s to get everyone shakin’.
  • When it comes to music, I love a tune that can both get me up and about ready to party, or help ease me out of a jaeger induced coma on a Sunday. Half the album I feel fits this description to a tee, namely Lose Yourself to Dance, Instant Crush and Doin’ it Right.
  • I’m a softy at heart and the romance seeps out of The Game of Love and Instant Crush. Doesn’t it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling?… no?…. yeah… me either. Moving on…
  • Paul Williams voice on Touch, nuff said.
  • Give Your Life Back to Music- Flight Facilities take on Justice? Thumbs up!

Things I didn’t rate:

  • The autotune, especially in Beyond? Little too much for me. Felt like a bad Yeezy (or Yeezus?) song from 808s and Heartbreak!
  • Now I’m a 90s kid, I have zero to no concentration span. You can’t be giving me 8-9 minute songs! Sorry Touch and Giorgio by Moroder, you gotta go!
  • Picking nits here, but each song was just a liiiiitle to repetitive for me. Not enough to warrant negative really, more of a slightly raised eyebrow. Like this guy!

Consider RAM the evolution in the music life of Daft Punk. I mean if you asked a 29 year old if they loved their 21st of course they are going to say yes, but would they want to throw the same party for their dirty thirty? Chances are no. In a world filled with DJ whatshisname pumping out music so close to being copyright its not funny, you have to take your hat off to the Frenchmen for taking that next step in music production and not making the same album with a different cover.

Daft Punk moved back in time to move forward with music. Taking the best of the 80s disco scene and mixing it with today’s technology to create another branch on dance music’s ever-growing tree.

They they say change is as good as a holiday, well I say this album is as good my trip overseas will hopefully be- SCHWEEET 7/10 thumbs up!

Don’t agree? Let me know, chances are you know more about music than I do, so educate me!

Pic- http://www.daftpunk.com, http://www.news.com

Welcome to the House of Fun!


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Either way, welcome to the house of fun that is my blog! For a uni course of mine I have decided to write a few thoughts down on anything and everything sports and pop culture. So have a read, comment on my dribble, share on Facebook/Twitter/Linked In, Instagram (somehow?) or good old fashioned word of mouth! The more interaction I get, the higher grade I might end up with!